Friday, January 8, 2010


snow fall
small white sparks
of ice
firey sweet on lips
of the sky
jump through
and burn

beautiful snapshots
in mountains of slumber
of ancient memories
and frozen tears
tumble down
the moutainside

one chance
dig out
snowdrifts gaining
strength and
the sun is setting
on youth
northern lights

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

starting over

2004, Leaving You

sometimes it’s easy
but tonight i’m thinking that
it’s impossible
and maybe tomorrow
it’ll be over

i see the sign
over the door that says
and i'm drawn to the
red glow
there's something jazzy
about the song playing
out in the alley

i'm looking
you want to touch me
and you think i'm easy
but i just kissed
a stranger
and i hate that
shirt you're wearing

i’m laughing at the way
the door swings
and slams closed
when you’re
following me
stumbling out
dropping your stuff

it's sad you never knew

move to the city*

my sky isn’t like your sky
the clouds here are white
i can touch the blue and feel
but you are bricked away
behind concrete faces
and i wonder how you breathe there

my waves are colder and they crash
harder against my fingertips
harder and colder than any of the
waves you feel
how can you keep from drowning?
and why can’t i save you today?

my sun is a wild and white
never setting
and it’s glow could set you free
if you let it
but now you’re fading slowly
while the shadows kiss your lips

my rain is warmer than rain you drink
when you’re slipping away
if you could stay here
we could stand on the sidewalk
as drops hit heavy on our eyelashes
we’ll fall into the dark

wishes and memories

This is a little collection of my poetry. Just for the few of you I have decided to show. Thanks for the glance :)