Tuesday, April 29, 2014

runnin & gunnin. it's nuthin.

so now we think we are evolved.
running on two feet
sophisticated & polished paws-
don't forget, we're fresh meat.
treading mills beneath our soles
burn away what kept us warm.
sophisticated and polished souls,
forgetting things that kept us warm.

locked and loaded words and news
running running story lines,
running running out of time.
sophisticated, polished and confused.

so now we think we run this place,
pulling triggers all the time.
changing features & keeping face,
educatd on reason & rhyme.
treading days like water holes
passing time and making names-
such sophisicated, polished goals...
hollow dreams and shallow graves.

running running on two feet,
So now we think we are refined.
running running story lines
with sophisticated, polished jaws.
so now we think we have it all.

Monday, April 28, 2014

final call for wisdom

I die by each moment that drops
Drip dropping ageless and masterful
What women can counsel the way that flesh and blood can?
Tender fingers weave generations and braided strands
Braids and breads
Hearts and degrees
We survive on yeast & trust
Recipes or trust funds
Timelessness gifts us commandments and medicine
Memories and wastefulness if we choose
Wastelands and storybooks
We think we know our footing
We think we know it all
Years weep drops of wisdom
The Heart can treasure it
But can never contain it
For we love without tradition
And think without comprehension

who are these souls we choose to be?
As our beloved slip away from us
We see their dimming eyes go out
But their eternal lights never go out
Ageless and masterful
They always light the way for us
Through love and life and death
My spirit reflects their legacy
Remind me of who I'm supposed to be
Through love and life and death
I hold their candles diligently
Should they leave me with money or lessons
Should they leave me unwilling to let them go
They can not leave me now
They can not leave me now...

grandmother (wilderness)

we let the last candle burn down tonight
it's so dark outside, we need just a little light
i remember when this time of night was early
and you were barefoot and flour dusted in the kitchen 
time was just the clock on the stove
troubles were drowned in cinnamon and clove
i don't know why God let you get this old

we let the years burn down tonight
it's so dark outside, the angels provide a little light
I remember when this time of life seemed early
when i was a child and made believe 
It seems I've grown so far away 
these roots became my only knowing 
how will i face my troubles so far from home?
without the comforts of cinnamon and clove
I don't know why God let me get this old
from out here i see your candle glowing
leave your chores and be with me
rest in my branches, grandmother tree 
the angels will be our saving light 

to the fool that broke my boyfriend's heart

You were long before me
Yeah, i know it's been a while.
i know...
you're just yesterday's deceptive smile.
just like laundry, you're a dirty pile
and I'm sorting through your pockets.
through the echo of your linty shouts,
through the residue of your lies-
and i'm onto you.
i'm airing you out.

the letter of the law can't protect you here,
my jurisdiction is vast and fair, my dear.
if you were true, there's nothing to fear
but i've seen your mean mug on that shot
like smoke you snaked from getting caught-
but here's my little six shoe to your face...
i'm the lesson you were never taught.

there are things he never told you.
like how he lost faith in and resented you,
That he wanted to breathe apart from you-
the way that fish from water struggle,
the way that Faustus consorted with the devil.
but the deepest layers of this man's eternity
are now unfolding caverns beneath you.

you can pretend I'm not inside your head,
pretend that you are blameless instead.
but those things you did
all those things you said
They've been recorded on ancient scrolls.
despite your regret, a redemption bell tolls.
i can see the pay back
waiting your other side
that karmic force won't let you hide-
and i won't even have to leave my bed. 

yeah, i suppose you never broke his heart,
you just ripped his trust apart.
But you got taken out in cuffs
So i'll just keep calling all your bluffs,
you poor fool...
you should have let his heart go free.
you shouldn't have crossed the one for me.
all that is good will come for you.
all that is good will come from out of my blue.
and if we feel so moved...
Just maybe we will pray for you.