Tuesday, April 29, 2014

runnin & gunnin. it's nuthin.

so now we think we are evolved.
running on two feet
sophisticated & polished paws-
don't forget, we're fresh meat.
treading mills beneath our soles
burn away what kept us warm.
sophisticated and polished souls,
forgetting things that kept us warm.

locked and loaded words and news
running running story lines,
running running out of time.
sophisticated, polished and confused.

so now we think we run this place,
pulling triggers all the time.
changing features & keeping face,
educatd on reason & rhyme.
treading days like water holes
passing time and making names-
such sophisicated, polished goals...
hollow dreams and shallow graves.

running running on two feet,
So now we think we are refined.
running running story lines
with sophisticated, polished jaws.
so now we think we have it all.

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