Wednesday, November 30, 2011

outer space

i was a comet once- a burst of light
you watched my tail aglow in the sky
a lighthouse in your stormy night
all at once i faded
all at once you lost sight
alone again under and over the sky

i was a galaxy once- a cluster of stars
you caught the train to my center
into my churning version of mars
a trip into a blackhole
a lifetime in a second
humming again inside and outside time

i was aura borealis once- a wash of color
you painted me with fingers and brushes
a canvas for our crimson flushes
solar winds blew into quiet places
meteor showers washed our faces
tuesdays and sundays didn't mean a thing

i am a constellation- a body with no bones
you connect my shape tonight
invisible lines to my arms and face
a puzzle for your telescope
an answer to your horoscope
you're sitting alone on your porch
while i'm spinning in your outer space
(searching for your inner space)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

don't you

don't you step away tonight
don't you step away the night
won't you sleep instead of dance?
i can see the night's significance
on your face while you're signing
"i love you" with your hands
i don't know how to dance.

don't you brush the hair from my face
don't you dust the shadow from my space
won't you tangle me up and leave a mess?
i can feel the insignificant combing of
your fingers as they make a home
in the paths along on my scalp
i don't know how to brush you.

don't you tell me that i should cry
don't you hold me while i try
won't you? all at once i'm everywhere
i'm a broken bone, a broken home
spin your dance, weave your comb
there's that swelling in your shins
the ache of cleaning with a mop of my hair

i feel the wait now
don't you?

lonely be

it's rather lonely being me
though i'm a little buzzing bee
humming from petal to leaf to tree
seeking out a sweeter honey

long ago i made a hive
a simple place to sleep and hide
with a little hole to peep outside
but the storms tore it open wide

i hummed along beside the lake
in the lupines my nest to make
but in a snowy blast and shake
my warmth was stolen by the flakes

to the hive of the queen mother
seeking the company of my brothers
i tried to land and work with others
but i could only hum and hover

perhaps i'll zip into the raging sea
forsaking flower, nectar and honey
maybe sweetness never will suit me
only to be buzzing and lonely be