Wednesday, November 9, 2011

don't you

don't you step away tonight
don't you step away the night
won't you sleep instead of dance?
i can see the night's significance
on your face while you're signing
"i love you" with your hands
i don't know how to dance.

don't you brush the hair from my face
don't you dust the shadow from my space
won't you tangle me up and leave a mess?
i can feel the insignificant combing of
your fingers as they make a home
in the paths along on my scalp
i don't know how to brush you.

don't you tell me that i should cry
don't you hold me while i try
won't you? all at once i'm everywhere
i'm a broken bone, a broken home
spin your dance, weave your comb
there's that swelling in your shins
the ache of cleaning with a mop of my hair

i feel the wait now
don't you?

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