Friday, February 8, 2013

by the way

there is a way to life.
moving on and on without us
while we do our living
and when we do our dying.
it can move inside us
if we allow the way of life.

if i stop caring,
will i stop living-
or will i just begin?
if i stop interfering
will the way carry me?

the way of give and take
moves along inside us.
while we are beginning
and then while we are dying-
will it carry us?
i just want to be safe.

the way i know is tireless.
until i understand,
i will stop searching.

i could have gone anywhere but i stayed here for you

november was a blur.
i was sad and lost
and you made it so.
i slept in my own tail
and you slept alone
sleep-talking to her-
i wish i could remember
what made me this frail.
leaking out of my lungs.
then i wanted you to go.

in december, you were smoking.
i was sad and lost
when you stopped joking.
i woke up in your second-hand
and you slept alone.
so i talked to him
while i was awake.
i wish i could remember
what destroyed our home
and why i wanted you to go.

january iced over.
i found myself
and begged you not to be lost.
now we both sleep alone.
maybe you still sleep- talk her,
and maybe i still care. so?
i wish i could remember myself.
when i said "go",
you made it so.

blurring. smoking. ending.
i'm still chasing you.
and you say i don't like to travel.

Friday, February 1, 2013

out like a lamb

so here i am.
downward like a dog,
aloof like a cat.
i'll look your way
if you toss me a bone.
it's the only way i can-
quiet and alone.

no rebellious chickens here,
just herbs and teas.
a fox in her den
with a piece of fish,
a cornish hen.
no rebellious qi here-
but nobody can be here.

i tore in like a lion.
bloodied teeth,
jagged claws.
and those cages held me
like a bird-
until i met my strength.
downward like a dog.

it's the only way i can-
because i know who i am.
i'm out.
like a lamb.