Wednesday, May 28, 2014

look within when they have gone

when i fell asleep i felt her life veil close
somewhere far from where i laid my head
when she slipped away her veiled face arose
somewhere in the otherworld she bowed her head
(to me)

doors of life and death
opening and closing
sleeping and awakening
rising and descending
nothing becomes the entry
through the doors(of life and death)

what can we do when the path is ours,
when leaders we have loved have passed?
what can we create of our wisdom
when guides have acended our road?
it is not ours to know
forever just reap and sow
until our hands are not our own

when i awoke i felt her life breath unfold
somewhere deep inside my blood
when she surged in my veins my face arose
somewhere in my expanse i bowed my head
(to me)

windows of life and death
like eyes opening and closing
sleeping and awakening
leaving and arriving
nothing becomes the difference
through her windows and mine
through her breath and mine
(saluations to the devine)