Wednesday, October 23, 2013

snowmen, a good omen

If you could know the future, would you be down for it?
If that chair was there would you sit down for it (again)?
I wouldn't ruin those surprises, if I could know them.
If I was clairvoyant I would stand there (again).
If you had to fight and I had to cry all over again, would we?
Even if it meant we had to slight and try again?
I would.
For the sake of tea and dead books
For lips and eyes and being home
For when I share my bed with two cats I can only smile for the sake of those cat naps
So what- the snow came upon us unexpectedly?
So what- the glow came upon us unexpectedly?
I wouldn't want to guess it
(for once)
I wouldn't want to mess it
(Up with my clarity)
I'd rather see it snowing
Not knowing
All there is about snowmen.
Just glowing
in the hope of this good omen.