Monday, January 5, 2015

the ships we build to sail to the stars

we were born to sail
though i know not all are
i know that we were
when the sun splits the clouds
above the waters
we know the Guide still shines on us
and what glistens upon the waves
disperses our doubt
and we continue our task
When the stars spit and spark
above the ether
we know the Guide still shines on us
and what tears the darkness
disprses our weakness
and we continue our prayer
we build these ships
we are sucessful
our ascention is impending
as we bulid and pray
as our mother leads the way
into the crystalline sky
we build our vessels to meet her
by her, the lord is worshipped
by her we are guided
into the cystalline waters
above and below
there is no separation
the water and sky are one matter
her prayer and our hands are one matter
when she has sailed
we will build our ships
the breath on her lips
sings us home

"according to ancient Chinese Thinking the Heavenly bodies represent the quintessesnce of sublimated matter acending and crystalizing into stars" Heavenly Anscestor

Dedicated to BJC

Makeup with yourself

Makeup with yourself, girl
Breakup with your love, girl
You are bare now 
Alone now
Do you love yourself, girl? 

Makeup on your eyes, babe 
Break up that disguise, babe
It feels unfair now 
Uncontrolled now 
who really loves you, babe? 

Make it up- you're just fine, right?
Break it up, feisty 
But it feels like a fight now 
Like it can't be made right now 
Who do you love now? 

You packed up your things, girl
He jacked up your heart, girl
Nothing is as it was now
Your heart awoke  in a new time 
Where will it live now? 
Who will you forgive now?