Sunday, August 23, 2015

prayer of a daughter, granddaughter, friend or love

The sky is quiet and grey over the city and there's a cool breeze in the air this morning.  I'm letting it blow through the open windows. Quiet Flamenco Sketches plays over the sound of the cars as they hum along to Miles on the freeway. I slept in past 9,  much to the cat's dismay, but he is content now that I am alive- having my tea and paging through my bible. The smell of baking sweet potatoes and herbed chicken is making me miss my flour dusted Grandmother this morning. 
I'm going to pray for the empty world in her compassionate absence at church this evening and for the angels beside her that wrap protection around us from their castles of cloud and  lofted pillows of wind. 
I will pray for you, reader, as you wander in the wilderness seeking to find truth through the deceptive trees of earthy desires and wispy fog of  attachment. 
Your mother watches over you and guides you now as ever- though now she is ethereal and pixelated in the eye of your mind. I will pray that your heart realizes where your home is and that your feet  find their path to it. No matter in the mossy country or dusty city or in the fragrance of paradise-  look for my light in your night and know that God draws you near.