Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sorry sunlight

when the six o'clock sun hits the pantry wall
is it too late then, to undo the day?
or do I have until the moon hangs
above the tree line
to say that i wish i had not?

words, words

mine are said. yours expired on the wall.
and now the sword of sunlight
stabs the countertops
six o' clock
and glowing, sinking

nightfall, moon beams

i see that we have not mended, and will not.
and i wander around my apology-
hanging heavy
in dew drops stepping
through the grassy yard

sorry, sorry

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fear of aging*

someday the hours won't pass by so quickly
we won't be as fickle or as eager to change
you'll write your stories slowly
i'll match tea cups to saucers
watching the kettle on the stove

something in the library smells of clove
catalogs of recipes and books about gardens
perhaps you'll puff a pipe
and maybe i'll still be singing

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the humorous murder

she laughed while the light slipped away
and tears fell with september raindrops
squirrels on the fence chattered
dropping their acorns, playing tag

the mailman was late and flipped the red flag
the spiders on the mailbox swung about
she smashed them with her glove and smiled
the letters were wet and dark with spider legs

it was a funny light sinking away too quickly
something smart and green hung low, following her
but the Tudor door thudded heavily behind footsteps
and she laughed at the lipstick on her smudgy mouth

the moment when someone leaves and returns: all at once*

you're pulling me up
while i'm falling down
now i'm above it all
(flowers, signs
limbs and cars)
grab me again.
but you're closer now
(close enough)
to save me this time
unchained melody
we hum again
spinning wheels
shiny fixtures
humming again
escape routes are few
(me and you)
check my pulse again
i stopped beating
stopped pumping
while you were away
fingers on the dash
(let's keep driving)
i can't ask again
find your voice to tell me
beat your wings
flutter your eyes
you've only just arrived

Thursday, September 2, 2010

fooling the crowd*

i'm the girl that smiles
i'm the one who loves you
there's bliss in the air
i'm breathing you in
my pulse beats faster
faster than it ever has
i'm the girl counting
seconds years days
paying the toll of waiting
when they see me
they're bewildered by me
spoiled sweetness in the sky
soaring above the sidewalks
I'm the one smiling for you
wings and halos hang tight
in the back of my drawer
later i'll find them there
but tonight i'll smile for you