Monday, September 30, 2013

In my garden I grow heaven

In a land where greening hills are clothed
in swaying herbs and wild ivy
I run fleshed-footed and flush-faced
Soft and full of love
grandmothers ribbons
Adorn my playing arms and untamed hair
I run wide-eyed and open minded there
Across the crossroads
of a gentler planet
Foot souls rooted to the ground
Palms reaching solely for heaven
Four palms and seasons of plenty and rest
Bring your brimming eyes
to the ceiling of the skies
Draped in dewy stars
guarded by azure giants
You will be celestial and silver-lined
Muddy-kneed you can crawl
To the middle-earthen core of
Mosaics of memories covered in moss and weeds
All is soft and full of love
beneath our feet

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nothing Deeper

I watched the waves one night
On that lonely coast
When I was broken
Like the glass in the sand
And that sunset was the last stand
Between me and what laid ahead
But I lost my face to the fight
and I faded away into the night instead
And there was nothing darker

I wept in a snow bank one night
In that haunting forest
When I was frozen
Like the time that trapped me there
When the clocks stopped ticking
And I didn't know what day it was
So I lost my warmth to the twilight
Fading away into the chill
And there was nothing colder

I woke up in the sun this morning
In a pool of golden light
I thought I was dreaming
But there was nothing deeper.