Friday, December 28, 2012

The Great Seas: Qi Sea

before you start,
close your eyes and breathe.
in through your nose
out of your mouth
in until you can no more
out until you can no more
twelve times.

now you are ready.

what moves us?
take your fingers three places
into the tender spaces
of heat and blood
feel the beating.
the pulse of your life.
the blood does not move herself.
she does not move you or me.
all life is moved by Qi.

what feeds us?
lift your hands to your mouth
into that tunnel
of tongue and teeth and breath
taste the vitality.
earth and leaves and rain.
grain and water sustain partially,
only in containers of Qi.

what awakens us?
open your eyes to the light
into that small blade
of sun
across your sheets
know the awakening in your bones.
the consciousness of your life
moves dreams to reality.
all we know is formed by Qi.

What are we but vessels in the seas?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Great Seas: The Sea of Marrow

who do you think you are?
we are nobody.
we survived bloodied downpours
and starved our way through famine.
how much closer does that get us?
we are nowhere.
the real journey is on the horizon
so don't think yourself accomplished.

what do you think matters?
those grey and white matters.
they build you up
compose your soul
remind you of your wholeness
when you're feeling scattered
so don't think yourself lost.

who occupies our throne?
the seat is empty.
we are stoic and perverse
and our memories have shattered
in hurricanes of unconsciousness
we are everywhere.
the truth lies away from vices
so don't think yourself strong.

what can bind our bones and brains?
something soft and strong
beyond our own minefields
into the sea of great grey
into the wind of great breath
we hold tight to memories-
and one another.
so you can find yourself sane again.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Great Seas: The Sea of Water and Grain

open up your mouth and your soul and eat.
because what is food?
fuel? happiness? nourishment?
choose it now and be full.
fill you up?

no, i cannot fill you up.
and now, after digestion, i know.
i could never sow the grain
i could never break the dam.
yes, that's a damn shame.

the water.
she is still with out a force.
and so i am.
will you swim?
float? drown?
choose your way.
no, i can never be your boat.
it used to be a shame.
now it's just our ride
on the tide
and here comes high tide.
and then the low.

go to the big barn,
there is grain there.
go to the river,
there is fresh water there.

i'll be there before you,
wet or dry,
empty or full.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Great Seas: The Sea of Blood

from the deepest caves it flows
within and up and down and over: fills us
to stay alive and pumping and flushed
the mother of life: carries us
our babies, our dreams, our disease
we, just vessels in the storm
floating: she moves us
riding waves of red in the dark
ebbing and flowing
thriving or dying, we ride
until it flows out
onto sheets and floors
deathbeds and streets
where it cannot be contained
by her warmth or spirit
from the harsh winds
to weary lungs and noses
from the hands of death
to the cool touch of
small fingers
that have lost their grasp.
to the dry and empty wombs
that have lost their heart
collapse: until the next circulation

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

i am a road

and you've happened to wander by.
lost enough to come along this way-
a wild and barely beaten path
a winding and graveled pass so far away
from where you've been
in such a long while
and the barricades still sit
before me
but somewhere along me
hidden among the perils
there is a safe place
and maybe that's why you've wandered by.

and you've brought your dynamite.
enough to level off these bumps
and some concrete to finish me off
for a smoother, safer journey
so much more civilized than i've been
before and after you
but somewhere beyond me
there is a home
and maybe that's why you've wandered by.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

monkey bay

traveler by the bay,
you're so far away.
in the bush
in the heat
in the future
remember today.
and when you go
remember the goats
the orphans
and the gods
they love you.
remember that they do.
hold that ring of bone
hold onto your home
both are in your hands.
remember where you came from.
the crocodiles
the camels
the monkeys
they fool you
but remember
their hiding places.
but remember
the other places,
and your heart there
beside the bay
softly hold your stay.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


smoking affairs drinking gambling
labels for vices
just once.
just because.
a drag a kiss a shot a dollar
risks in their own right.
wrong or right
drugs of choice.
when the void is too deep
you can always run
but you'll always run alone.

Monday, December 3, 2012


the sun was so bright
and so was i
the air was so light
and so was i
and i didn't know the road ahead
and i didn't know you would be there
at the beginning and the end of it
i was fifteen and i loved you
i was reckless and i lost you
i was twenty seven and i knew you
i was scared and i pushed you
but the sun returns and asks
if i would do it again
yes and again
and again just for that first touch
and for the last one
to give you the meaning of my name
that is bright
that is shining
that is clear
but not obvious.
would you go back
to the ocean
with me?
winding to redwoods and caves
finding green stones
and closing our jaded eyes
to stop looking
for just a breath
or two
i'll go anywhere
with you.