Friday, December 28, 2012

The Great Seas: Qi Sea

before you start,
close your eyes and breathe.
in through your nose
out of your mouth
in until you can no more
out until you can no more
twelve times.

now you are ready.

what moves us?
take your fingers three places
into the tender spaces
of heat and blood
feel the beating.
the pulse of your life.
the blood does not move herself.
she does not move you or me.
all life is moved by Qi.

what feeds us?
lift your hands to your mouth
into that tunnel
of tongue and teeth and breath
taste the vitality.
earth and leaves and rain.
grain and water sustain partially,
only in containers of Qi.

what awakens us?
open your eyes to the light
into that small blade
of sun
across your sheets
know the awakening in your bones.
the consciousness of your life
moves dreams to reality.
all we know is formed by Qi.

What are we but vessels in the seas?

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