Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Great Seas: The Sea of Marrow

who do you think you are?
we are nobody.
we survived bloodied downpours
and starved our way through famine.
how much closer does that get us?
we are nowhere.
the real journey is on the horizon
so don't think yourself accomplished.

what do you think matters?
those grey and white matters.
they build you up
compose your soul
remind you of your wholeness
when you're feeling scattered
so don't think yourself lost.

who occupies our throne?
the seat is empty.
we are stoic and perverse
and our memories have shattered
in hurricanes of unconsciousness
we are everywhere.
the truth lies away from vices
so don't think yourself strong.

what can bind our bones and brains?
something soft and strong
beyond our own minefields
into the sea of great grey
into the wind of great breath
we hold tight to memories-
and one another.
so you can find yourself sane again.

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