Sunday, January 6, 2013

nine needles in a tomb

in the golden age
made of stone
on a deathbed stage
made your home
roll away the stone
like jesus
roll away the mystery
before us
we were always meant to find you.
earth to metal to flesh.

in the ancient dark
shrouded in dust
indifferent to time
saved your stories
reveal tricks of wisdom
like confucius
reveal secrets of dynasties
enlighten us
we will ever know your conduits.
tunnels to channels.

thousands of elusive years
the gift of the emperor to us
the gift we'll never hold
nine small tools.

"Sharpened stones known as Bian shi have been found in China, suggesting the practice of acupuncture may date to the Stone Age... during the Han Dynasty stone and bone needles were replaced with metal. The earliest examples of stone [and metal] needles were found in a tomb dated to c. 113 BC"

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