Wednesday, November 30, 2011

outer space

i was a comet once- a burst of light
you watched my tail aglow in the sky
a lighthouse in your stormy night
all at once i faded
all at once you lost sight
alone again under and over the sky

i was a galaxy once- a cluster of stars
you caught the train to my center
into my churning version of mars
a trip into a blackhole
a lifetime in a second
humming again inside and outside time

i was aura borealis once- a wash of color
you painted me with fingers and brushes
a canvas for our crimson flushes
solar winds blew into quiet places
meteor showers washed our faces
tuesdays and sundays didn't mean a thing

i am a constellation- a body with no bones
you connect my shape tonight
invisible lines to my arms and face
a puzzle for your telescope
an answer to your horoscope
you're sitting alone on your porch
while i'm spinning in your outer space
(searching for your inner space)

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