Monday, April 28, 2014

to the fool that broke my boyfriend's heart

You were long before me
Yeah, i know it's been a while.
i know...
you're just yesterday's deceptive smile.
just like laundry, you're a dirty pile
and I'm sorting through your pockets.
through the echo of your linty shouts,
through the residue of your lies-
and i'm onto you.
i'm airing you out.

the letter of the law can't protect you here,
my jurisdiction is vast and fair, my dear.
if you were true, there's nothing to fear
but i've seen your mean mug on that shot
like smoke you snaked from getting caught-
but here's my little six shoe to your face...
i'm the lesson you were never taught.

there are things he never told you.
like how he lost faith in and resented you,
That he wanted to breathe apart from you-
the way that fish from water struggle,
the way that Faustus consorted with the devil.
but the deepest layers of this man's eternity
are now unfolding caverns beneath you.

you can pretend I'm not inside your head,
pretend that you are blameless instead.
but those things you did
all those things you said
They've been recorded on ancient scrolls.
despite your regret, a redemption bell tolls.
i can see the pay back
waiting your other side
that karmic force won't let you hide-
and i won't even have to leave my bed. 

yeah, i suppose you never broke his heart,
you just ripped his trust apart.
But you got taken out in cuffs
So i'll just keep calling all your bluffs,
you poor fool...
you should have let his heart go free.
you shouldn't have crossed the one for me.
all that is good will come for you.
all that is good will come from out of my blue.
and if we feel so moved...
Just maybe we will pray for you.

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