Monday, April 28, 2014

final call for wisdom

I die by each moment that drops
Drip dropping ageless and masterful
What women can counsel the way that flesh and blood can?
Tender fingers weave generations and braided strands
Braids and breads
Hearts and degrees
We survive on yeast & trust
Recipes or trust funds
Timelessness gifts us commandments and medicine
Memories and wastefulness if we choose
Wastelands and storybooks
We think we know our footing
We think we know it all
Years weep drops of wisdom
The Heart can treasure it
But can never contain it
For we love without tradition
And think without comprehension

who are these souls we choose to be?
As our beloved slip away from us
We see their dimming eyes go out
But their eternal lights never go out
Ageless and masterful
They always light the way for us
Through love and life and death
My spirit reflects their legacy
Remind me of who I'm supposed to be
Through love and life and death
I hold their candles diligently
Should they leave me with money or lessons
Should they leave me unwilling to let them go
They can not leave me now
They can not leave me now...

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