Friday, July 30, 2010

go to bed, kitty

silly kitty i can sing you a funny tune
make you scuffle and dance about the room
find your little jingle bell
cast your little kitty spell

1 comment:

  1. So many reactions to this short, seemingly innocuous poem. "Go to bed, Kitty" made me smile and say ahhh :) It also took me to a place with a bit more gravitas.

    First, the light: I can hear the bell! I see the cute, little kitty running around sliding on hardwood floors and batting at the bell. I can see the bell attached to the end of wand; I also see some feathers on the wand. Totally CUTE!

    Now, the heavy: Or shall I say scepter!?!? The tune, the scuffle and dance, the bell, the spell, there are so many sociopolitical metaphors here. A central power using tunes and bells to distract and manipulate those of lower intellect. And for what? Her own self-interest!

    Considering the political scene with mid-term elections on the horizon, I would not be surprised if this symbolism was intended. If not, you totally took me there.

    You are a magician, an authoritarian, a manipulator of words and kitties. I love it!

    Only you, Claire...only you! :)

    Well done!