Saturday, October 23, 2010

the other side of morning*

it rolls in gently on the heels of
sleepy, atlantic waves
washing up debris of days passed.
the stones and shells of memories
scatter across sands of time,
this side of dawn will not wait
for me to tie my shoes.

early songs of the day are lullabies
for those who chase away the light
and sleep to dream of stars.
but i am far from home,
windswept and cautious
hoping to etch my name on shores
of change.

i washed away,
balancing on the pale thread of
morning's transformation.
i can not feel your waves
and you missed my call.
though we were not meant to share
these hours, we still may.

you roll in on the winds of my regret
tossing my hair and affections
in your untamed breeze of years gone.
you live in these unknown hours
while i sleep on the line of waking.
you could find me here,
i could find you there.

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