Thursday, March 8, 2012

snow rider

i ride the snow to the edge of the lake
the wind biting my cheeks, i grit my teeth
it's too old here
it's too cold here
i'm starting to fold here
along the edge of the ice
and i'm stuck in my car
and i've lost control of the wheel
and i've lost my ability to feel
i ride the chills until i shake

i was a blur, rushing with the white
in a dream i climbed out, once
snowbanked in my grandma's car
i had her diamonds there
i had my mittens there
i heard a thudding there
it was my savior up there
and i grabbed his hand and climbed
and the blizzard raged
and the highway lines were gone
i made my way into the night

i flew here from the north
to the bottom of this well
climbing up and digging out
it's the hope i have to ride

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