Saturday, June 30, 2012

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

I wound around One like ribbon
Fraying in the cold along the coast
I coasted on
from one state to another (later on).
the difference between sober and toasted?
“You don’t have to take what you’re given”
I said to the ocean.

“The Midwest suits you better”
I said into the mirror
after a stoic week on the beach
I was thinking clearer
The choice: a tee shirt or a sweater?
Or between extra calories and a gram?
(a mound of snow or a castle of sand).

Missing those golden animals,
I drove back to simple cats and retriever
Wasting gasoline, feeling wasted
“It’s just weather”
I said into the receiver.
The difference between here and there?
It’s just me.
"I'm Weathered, not broken."
I said to the ocean.

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