Saturday, May 18, 2013

write me right

you wrote me a note
on notebook paper
I was fourteen
and i read it one hundred times

you wrote me a letter
on plain paper
(a little tattered)
you told me I mattered
to you
I was seventeen
and I kept it for five years

you wrote me an explanation
on a computer screen
we didn’t know what it would mean
two thousand miles apart
eight years ago
I tried to delete it one time

you wrote me a note
folded over six times
while I was lost in the woods
I read it every day
two years ago
and you said it was always me
and I wanted it to be

you wrote me poems
more than i could count
and you stole my breath
and my heart skipped beats
too many times to count

one day
your writing was done
in one moment gone
and words were just words
and you wrote me off
and i wrote you goodbye
and we were once upon a time

if you write me again
i’ll read it
probably a hundred times
and i’ll lose sleep again
two hours of sleep
to read what you write
because even if we’re wrong
you can always write me right