Friday, March 27, 2015


I was five I was five
She brushed my long hair
She was alive
Blonde and knotted

Oh, what she was allotted
She took that and combed it too

She got through
She played that hand
She was dealt

And she was always dealing

With the lies with the lies
She stayed alive

I got through too
Blonde in waves and knots

We loved what we got
Together we held hands

And she sang an old song
We always got along

Though he lied though he lied
She held me tight

Though I misbehaved
I didn’t care I didn’t care

She held me tight
Through the country nights

She was alive and she held me tight

The crickets and the mice
She sang me to sleep

Though I misbehaved
I was five I was five

I wish she was alive


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