Tuesday, April 7, 2015

crucifixion of joy

So many things hang heavy on my mind this morning-
In the hours of lost breath and sadness
thoughts are not immaterial or weightless.
They are weighted like lures
Deep below the water
And sleep is not heavy. 
Is my breath wasted in this metal trap? 
At this hour of sorrow what could assure my dreams?
When love is dancing and evaporating into the mist of morning 
I am enveloped in its absence and
I gasp to keep my lungs inflated 
Despite their fragility.
The air is lucid and conducive for sleeping, 
Awake yet, i struggle transcend grieving 
Praying for the clarity 
And rest for my love 
Not yet at peace in the pieces of the cross. 
So many things hang heavy on my dreams 
And still...
Rest will come after the passage of mourning, 
Though nailed forever to the walls of my heart.

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